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Taking the challenge out of skill based casino games

There are two main categories of casino games, ones whose outcomes are based solely on luck like slot machines, craps and blackjack; and those that require a certain level of skill like blackjack, video poker and Pai Gow.

Players who frequent the skills games at online casinos generally love the challenges they provide and go to great lengths to master solid strategy and apply it within their game play. It is a very rewarding feeling to select the correct plays without consulting references or tools designed to assist with strategy decisions. While good decisions reap payout rewards, bad ones can lead to losses, making the wins sweeter and the losses more brutal to accept, but that is all part of the fun, pitting yourself against the game and seeing who is stronger, clever and faster (or at least in your head anyway!). In the long term, the losses turn into tuition fees as these types of players become experts and losses trail off.

There are however those players who like to play for fun and enjoy the game without worrying too much about the required strategies to win. They like to play on instinct and have someone else worry about the finer details for them and as such, casino software providers have developed special features which have been added to games such as auto play in games like blackjack and auto holds in Video poker which automatically holds the good cards for you without your manual input. While these features are great and much appreciate by some, they do take away the strategic element of the game, remove the necessity to learn the required skills and make the games based on pure luck.

While it may seem odd that casinos are incorporating strategic advantages to be used against them, things aren't always as they seem! Even though the players' odds are increased due to strategic game assistance, the house edge still exists in these games. This means that over the long term, online casinos are still guaranteed of making a fixed profit as more people play these types of games even when the players will have better chances of earning pay-outs.

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