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Winner Interview

I had the pleasure of talking to Marco from Italy. He won in November 2007 progressive Jackpot of 190,661 Euros at Casino Tropez.

Interviewer Manuela: Hi Marco, it's a pleasure meeting you after winning a jackpot of almost 200,000 Euros. Please tell us how about the day you hit the jackpot

Marco: Wow! Let me tell you, I will never forget this day in my live. I came home from work and started playing at Tropez Casino. I like slots and sometimes blackjack. First I lost quite a few blackjack games before playing Diamond Valley and was hoping to be lucky and recover from my lost from blackjack. Than all of a sudden this huge message pops up on my screen saying: You win 190,661 Euro! I couldn't believe it and just starred at my screen.

Manuela: That's sound very exciting! What did you do then?

Marco: I went to call my girl friend and told her about it. She didn't believe me and told me to get lost. I had to drag her to my computer and show her. She started to cry first, that hugged me and finally we were both jumping around our apartment.

Manuela: What did you do the next day?

Marco: As you can image I wasn't able to sleep at all. The day was luckily Friday, but I went to work as usual. In my lunch break I told a few of my colleagues and friends about my big win. They also thought I am taking the piss out of them until I invited everybody to go out that Friday and told them that I am paying.

Manuela: So you invited everybody for a night out?

Marco: Oh yes, we had the party of our lives and I have spent quite a bit of money using my credit card. But I knew my bank account will explode soon.

Manuela: When did you actually get the money?

Marco: The after I hit the jackpot a friendly customer service representative from Tropez Casino called me. She was very friendly and assured me that payout will be processed prompt. The following week I have received 190,661 Euros. I just like to say it over and over again.

Manuela: Fantastic story Marco. Thank you very much for your time.

Marco: I was a pleasure. I just like to mention that this money allows me to buy a house and where my finance and I will move in. I have proposed to her.

Manuela: I can just say: Dreams still become true.