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21 The Movie

21 - Blackjack Movie

Ben Campbell was the most gifted student at MIT. Give him the most difficult Math problem and he could solve it in less than 10 seconds flat. However, there were some problems he couldn't solve namely how on earth to pay his college tuition of $300,000. But that all changed the day he was given a unique answer Blackjack.

Accepted into Harvard Medical School, Ben realized that, unless he was awarded the prestigious Robinson Scholarship OR unless he had the money to pay the tuition, his chances at Harvard were as good as finished. Math Professor Mickey Rosa approached Ben about joining his card counting blackjack team, which consisted of 4 fellow students, and he reluctantly agreed, making it very clear to all that he was only doing so until he could earn enough money to pay for college. However, Ben became so caught up in the lavish lifestyle that came with his card counting success (the thrill of winning, the wealth, the girl teammate Jill who fell for him) in Las Vegas that he neglected his obligations associated with his participation in the 2.09 engineering competition. This caused him to lose the faith of his pre-blackjack friends and thus begun his downward spiral.

Mutiny in the camp ensued. Blackjack teammate, Fisher, who grew increasingly jealous of Ben's success, nearly botched one of the card counting sessions at a Las Vegas strip casino, causing his less than ceremonious exit from the team by Rosa and drawing the attention of security chief, Cole Williams, who began to monitor Ben's activities. Williams became aware of the card counting scheme, which was soon put to a halt, but not before the team won over $649,000 over several weeks playing at various Las Vegas casinos.

21 was inspired by the true story of the MIT Blackjack Team as told in "Bringing Down the House", the best-selling book by Ben Mezrich. It adequately exemplified the possibilities of winning Blackjack through card counting and captured the excitement the MIT Blackjack Team felt when they successfully beat the system time and time again.

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Former ringleader of the MIT Blackjack team, Mike Aponte who was banned from every casino in Las Vegas for winning too much money, shares one of his secrets to his card counting success. Watch and learn.